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TintLab Only Uses The Highest Quality Tint


High Performance




  • Dyed Metal
  • Charcoal Color
  • 99% UV Protection
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Non-Metal
  • Black and Matte Finished
  • Blocks 40% of IR Light
  • Keeps Interior Cool
  • Prevents Upholstery Fading
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • No Fade Warranty
  • Non Metal, Nano-Hybrid Carbon Technology
  • Non Reflective Black Finish
  • Superior IR & UV Rejection
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • No Fade Warranty
  • Highest Quality
  • No Metal, Dye, or Carbon
  • Cuts 50% Solar Heat
  • Maximum Efficiency
  • Resistance to Glare and Fading
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • No Fade Warranty

Should I Choose Ceramic or Carbon?

Ceramic Film-

Ceramic film is the highest quality of window tint, it contains neither metal, dye or carbon. However, it does contain a kind of ceramic that is resistant to fire and heat. Advantages of having ceramic film is that it provides maximum visibility both during the day and night, has maximum efficiency in the functioning of cell phones, GPS systems, radios and other devices that are operated within the vehicle. It is the highest efficiency in being glare resistant and provides extra protection as the windows are more resistant to shattering. Ceramic window tint blocks up to 99% of ultraviolet light which is known to cause sunburn and skin cancer.

Carbon Film-

Carbon film does not contain metal therefore there are no interference issues when using radio transmissions and cell phones. The tint is dark and has a matte finish and looks tasteful on all vehicles. The carbon aspect of the film blocks about 40% of infrared light (the kind that creates heat) therefore keeping your vehicle cooler in the summer months. Another benefit of carbon film is that it helps to prevent upholstery fading. Because carbon film is not dyed, it will not fade over time.

Safety Of Window Tint

Read what our customer from Appliances Unlimited had to say about our window tint,

This is an unsolicited appraisal of the advantage of window tint from a safety viewpoint. I had tint material installed on all the windows of my service van by The Lab approximately 5 years ago. It looks as good today as the day it was installed.

Recently, a large van truck crossed over the center line and hit my driver’s side mirror. The mirror hit the driver’s side window and shattered it into tiny pieces. This could have caused major injuries to my head or an accident or possibly death from flying glass to my neck and or face area. Thanks to the film on that window, the window stayed in place and did not fall out. I was not injured and was able to continue work until I got the window replaced. The Lab has since reinstalled the film on that window. The film may have saved my life.

Bob Jones